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Keep Learning About Yesterday.



Featured Work
It may not be obvious what this young guy from the Grisons mountains embodies, but his fate would be unacceptable to most of us.

Why music is so dear to his heart; why every melody means a new beginning and a prospect of profound happiness, is probably not conveyed by his still rare radio appearances.

His debut single immediately met with positive response and was played on rouge FM, among others.

This single also became the campaign song of the organ donation initiative, which informs and sensitizes the Swiss people about this relevant and current topic.

His creative but also social commitment, as well as his unique singing style is recognizable among a thousand and make Lian Klay a promising and versatile artist on the Swiss pop horizon.

With songs in italian, his mother tongue and others in universal English, his first project will have an authentic and local, as well as a universal touch.

His slogan: Keep Learning about yesterday, is already present and not ’til tomorrow.
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